X’s Exene to sell off her pop culture treasures, vintage kitsch, punk rock memorabilia, & more in epic sale

Exene sale

The very talented Exene Cervenka, probably best known as the singer for the legendary punk band X, is relocating, which is great news for collectors, as she will be unloading (at least part of) her personal stash of pop culture relics, kitsch, and the like in a big Southern California sale. The sale is four days long and also includes pieces of her own artwork and punk rock and roll memorabilia.

On the sale’s site, she’s quoted as saying, “Calling all Betty Crocker Punk Rockers!!! 100 years of Americana needs good home. Treasured memories of the past can live on in your hands! Like a small inheritance, but without the squabbling with siblings!”

This once-in-a-lifetime sale looks to be pretty epic, here’s a peek of what will be available:

Quality kitsch:

Crazy and Kooky

Vintage movie posters (Roller Boogie!):

Vintage movie posters



More books, including pulp!


Musical instruments, including a pink guitar:


Punk rock era magazines:

punk rock mags

Tons of vintage clothing:

vintage clothing

Americana galore!


Rock and roll (and other) ephemera and goodies:

punk rock ephemera

Monkeys, dolls, doll heads, a plush clown, and more kiddie toys:


A tiara of hers!


Oh yea, and a black velvet painting of a clown crying, labeled “Sensitive Vintage Velvet Clown Painting”:

Sensitive Vintage Velvet Clown Painting

The sale, run by Donnaland Vintage Variety, starts Thursday, February 13th and runs through Sunday, February 16th in Santa Ana, California. All the details and more photos are available HERE.