Wonderfully stuck in the 1980s: Golden Skate roller skating rink

“The Best Roller Skating Experience in California”

Nostalgia alert: We recently took the family roller skating to an “old school” roller rink, The Golden Skate roller rink in San Ramon, California. I was unable to figure out what year they opened but it has the 1980s written all over it.

It was a blast, here’s some photos I shot.

You should be able to smell the shoe disinfectant from here:

This is my daughter, enjoying getting her “skating legs” on:

Now this is carpet:

Their sign is pretty awesome. I think it’s showing a pair of Victorian era high-top skates:

But, do they have a vending machine with roller skating socks?

Why, yes! They DO have a vending machine with roller skating socks:

You think you’re ready for these bad boys, but you’re not ready. Trust me:

I’m not even showing you the best part –the whole place is all western-y!– you’ll have to go see for yourself.

The Golden Skate is at 2701 Hooper Drive in San Ramon, California. If you live near-ish, definitely go check it out!

photos by Rusty Blazenhoff