The Wienermobile could be yours for a whole day!

“Form. Meats. Function.”

Hot diggity dog! Oscar Mayer, a brand probably best known for their hot dogs, has announced a fun new social media contest with a video that spoofs a typical luxury car commercial. The parody ad “unveils” the 2014 model of their iconic vehicle, the Wienermobile. The video states, “Now, for a limited time, you could get a one-day, 8-hour ‘lease’ on the all new 2014 WIENERMOBILE for just one tweet and 140 characters down.”

The prize is hard to beat, the winner will be driven around in a Wienermobile by one of their experienced Hotdoggers for a full eight hours. Imagine the pride of riding in a vehicle that looks like a giant hot dog in a bun! It’s simple enough to enter, just tweet using the hashtag #TWEET2LEASE and tell the company why you “deserve a lease.” The promotion ends February 7th, 2014 (official rules).

In 2011, my daughter and I got to take a looooong ride in RELSHME, one of the six traveling Weinermobiles! Yes, it was awesome!

images via Rusty Blazenhoff