Strange, double entendre vintage Valentine’s Day cards

With Valentine’s Day (aka “the other Black Friday”) nearing, I thought it would be fun to share some wonderfully strange Valentine cards of yore. To narrow down my search, I focused on cards that may look innocent at first, but have some other message to be conveyed. I didn’t have to look far…

Let’s get started!

Last year, illustrator Mitch O’Connell, the (humble) author of Mitch O’Connell, the World’s Best Artist, picked out some doozies and featured them on his site in a post called, “Unintentionally Hilarious Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards! See the top 100 Risque, Rude and Sexy examples of all time!” Here’s a look at some of those gems, presented without comment:






valentine sexy sex time

eat valentine

valentine ass


Just what exactly are they trying to say!?

He’s got a bunch more at his site, you should go look at them when you’re done here.

On Flickr, artist Kipling West has put together a set called, “Valentines: WTF” and WTF indeed. Take a look at some of the ones he found, also presented without comment:

He’s got more, lots more. They are all on his Flickr page and you should definitely look through those too.

Related news:

In an article titled, “Happy Valentine’s Day, I Hate You,” Lisa Hix of Collectors Weekly wrote about “Vinegar Valentines,” early V-day cards made to anonymously let someone how much you hate them. They are also worth checking out.

If *you’ve* got a really strange vintage Valentine’s Day card that you’d like to share, email me at

Love you guys, mean it!

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