Mr. T jewelry starter kit: gold(en) chains and bling rings

Mr T jewelry starter kit

If blinging out like ’80s icon Mr. T is up your alley, it’s YOUR LUCKY DAY. An enterprising Etsy dealer has created the Mr. T jewelry starter kit so all your fool-ish dreams can come true.

Gentleman I know its only Monday but its never to early to get a jump on your weekend plans…nothing says “I came to party!?!” then the limited time offered “Mr. T Starter Kit” by Dandelion Wishes Jewelry. Complete with many bling necklaces and as a bonus – I’m including the Pimp Bling rings pictured!

Your purchase will come custom gift wrapped in a very classy purple Crown Royal liquor bag.

This (un-licensed) set is available for $36 by Etsy shop, Dandelion Wishes Jewelry.

This is not the first time there’s been Mr. T jewelry available. In 1983, there was an official set (“for children”) available from “Big T’s Enterprises, Inc.” This set is now available for $65 at the Museum of Mom and Pop Culture.

Mr T complete jewelry set vintage

This post is dedicated to M.C. Otter, who pities the fool.

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