Flossugar, Hot Mama, Big Daddy, and other bulk items you probably won’t find in a regular grocery store

Ever visited one of those open-to-the-public restaurant supply stores? They’re like a Costco but for restaurants and they’re full of items you generally won’t find in a traditional grocery store.

While visiting Seattle, my friend David Wahl –who sports the cool title of “Director of Awesome” at Archie McPhee— took me to such a store. It’s called Cash&Carry and here’s a peek at some of the more unusual items we spotted there:

1. Flossugar. This is the special “vividized” sugar used to make cotton candy. Yes, it’s the same stuff they use at the county fair. Cool! I know! Flavors include Boo-Blue, Silly Nilly, and Leapin’ Lime. Ignore that there’s a smug clown on every carton.

Flossugar cotton candy

2. J. Hungerford Smith’s Marshmallow Dessert Topping. Right off the bat, I feel it’s fair to warn you, this is NOT Marshmallow Fluff. Mister or Missus “J. Hungerford Smith”, you are no “Lynne White”.

NOT Marshmallow Fluff

3. Pizza Cut Pineapple Tidbits in Light Syrup. I NEVER KNEW that pineapple tidbits shaped especially for restaurant pizzas existed before I saw this can. Now I know. #DieHappy #JustKidding According to one Amazon review, these tidbits are “somewhat smaller than your usual tidbits” (which is, apparently, a good thing).

Pizza Cut Pineapple for pizza

4. Flavacol popcorn salt. As a former movie theatre popcorn slinger, this package –which hasn’t changed in a million years– took me on a quick trip down memory lane. Teen angst! Low wages! To note, or not: Flavacol is manufactured by the same brand as Flossugar, an Ohio-based business named Gold Medal Products Company.

Flavacol popcorn seasoning

5. A giant vat of Double Hi Brand Soy Sauce. Five whole gallons of pure, unadulterated soy sauce. Perfect for soaking away your troubles.

Vat of soy sauce

6. J. Hungerford Smith Chocolate flavored Cone Topping. Ever wonder what they dip ice cream cones in at your local soft-serve shoppe? Me either!

J. Hungerford Smith Chocolate Cone topping

7. McCormick Anti-Oxidant. Who knew that “anti-oxidant” was a thing you could buy like this? Come to find out it’s not a made up product, it’s an odorless, colorless, and tasteless preservative for fruits and veggies.


8. Glide Rite Dance Floor Wax. Could you DIE from this package’s awesomeness?! “Ideal for shuffleboards”–swoon!

Glide Rite Dance Floor Wax

9. Reser’s Hot Mama and Big Daddy jarred sausages. 72 ounces of meaty foodstuffs barely fit for human consumption.

Hot Mama and Big Daddy sausages

10. A cat litter container full of First Street brand Egg Yolk Mayonnaise. Truth: It didn’t take much to convince David to pose with this giant plastic block of mayonnaise. Just the right size for dipping your tootsies in.

David Wahl and a cat litter jug full of mayo

11. And, finally, even more mayo. This is yours truly posing with more mayo than you can throw a stick at. Warning: Don’t throw sticks at mayonnaise!

Rusty and bulk mayonnaise

photos by Rusty Blazenhoff and David Wahl, shot at the Cash and Carry store in Seattle’s Industrial District