DIY Valentine’s candy hearts made with REAL hearts

Candy hearts made with real hearts

Want to make a big statement to your sweetie (and/or someone you dislike) for Valentine’s Day? Try PenfoldPlant’s recipe on Instructables for candy hearts made with REAL hearts. Not to worry, he’s not using HUMAN hearts because, you know, that would be illegal. He’s using the meaty hearts of bovines, yep cows. [Still mighty gross, imo.]

This instructable will show you how to turn a single cow’s heart into two types of sweet beef jerky, then glaze and coat pieces of the jerky to make about thirty candy hearts. The two flavors are:

candied ginger and dark chocolate (with optional coffee)
paprika, chili and white chocolate

Both flavors taste great. The first is much more candyish than jerkyish. At the risk of deviating from silly internet mischief into pretentious food babble, the tangy ginger dominates, but is balanced out by the low notes of dark chocolate and beef, both of which come across as natural pairings for the ginger. It will make you wonder why you never added beef to your chocolates before.

The second flavor is more obviously meaty, with a spicy kick set against the soothing milkiness of the white chocolate. It reminded me of tasting the swirl of cream inside a sweet goulash. It will make you wonder why you never added chocolate to your jerky before.