‘Diagrams for a forgotten machine,’ collages by February’s artist-in-residence Joe Holliday


Los Angeles installation artist and fabricator, Joe Holliday, is February’s Artist-in-Residence for Rusty’s Electric Dreams. For his first week, he’s shared some of his collages with us, stating:

My collage work functions as a series of diagrams for a forgotten machine. Each image is spills out with definitions, shapes and opaque textures that pull the viewer through its planes and back out again. The circulatory system of a crab becomes the edge of a forest, a map becomes solid, and a mathematical formula becomes a curse.

These images serve as analogs and are made manually using photocopies and solvent transfers. I prefer to use the especially toxic solvents because they make the final object potentially unsafe to touch and lend a sharper quality to the images. The purpose of these images is not to serve as a self contained statement but to be a visual aid in processing the machinery that binds us.