Burn that fanny pack! The Wholester is here to save the day


It’s time to burn that fanny pack once and for all.

My friend Cat DuBois is #winning.*

A few years ago she started selling her custom-made Wholesters, the seriously cool hands-free hip pouch she designed, and now they are selling out like gangbusters at BetaBrand.

Here’s the story behind the Wholester in her words:

After 11 trips to the Black Rock Desert, I wanted to continue having the convenience of a utility belt/festival bag that I had worn continuously. Having everything I needed at my fingertips was convenient, efficient, and safe.

I saved tons of time and frustration not having to dig into the depths of backpacks, purses, or messenger bags.

As much as I love desert fashion, it doesn’t always translate into my day-to-day life. I set out to design the Wholester to be an attractive accessory for daily wear for the active (and fashionable) urban-work style.

[Read more of her story here.]



Aren’t they cool? If that fabric isn’t your thing, you can have her make you a custom one.

*Never give up on your dreams!