More about Blazenfluff

Deep Fried Everything at the Alameda County Fair 2013

What makes Blazenfluff tick?

Blazenfluff runs on WordPress. We use a bunch of WordPress plugins, along with Jetpack and VaultPress. All of our folks have a Gravatar set up for their name.

We use Google Analytics to monitor overall traffic statistics,Google AdSense for advertising, and Associates for the referral program. We accept sponsorships. Please email Rusty Blazenhoff for more details:

Rustela, the Blazenfluff rooster


The Blazenfluff logo

Rustela (aka “Rusty’s Cock”) is the name of the rooster in the Blazenfluff logo. It was inspired by vintage rooster art from the 1950s. It is pronounced roo-sta-la.

Blazenfluff’s color scheme

Our site’s color scheme was inspired by the colors on a jar of Marshmallow Fluff.

photo by Rusty Blazenhoff, taken at the 2013 Alameda County Fair