Rustela and the Doggie Diner Heads

Blazenfluff is an independent webzine focused on the shiny spot where pop culture and cyberculture intersect.

It’s a product of pop culture activist and occasional rabble-rouser, Rusty Blazenhoff, a gal who has proudly worked with Bigrig Industries, the San Francisco Cacophony Society, Burning Man, Allee Willis, Archie McPhee, Pee-wee Herman, Michael Wertz, CNET, Adobe, and many other great people, organizations, and brands.

The “Blazen-” in Blazenfluff is taken from Rusty‚Äôs last name and the “-fluff” refers to both Marshmallow Fluff and, you know, fluff, ie. infotainment.

We update this when we get around to it. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little. If you’d like something more regular, be sure to sign up for Rusty’s Electric Dreams, her weekly inbox zine.

…Hrm, very smart, but weird.” —Electric Dreams

photo by Jenny Slater