TV’s ‘Batman’ Adam West plays a practical joke in his local phone book

So, I arrived in Sun Valley, Idaho today to attend Dent the Future, a cool conference co-founded by my friend Steve Broback. On the ride from Boise, he told me that television’s Batman, actor Adam West, lives in the area.

It made me wonder if he was in the local phone book, so I looked.

Sure enough, he IS in the phone book. The listing amusingly prompts you to “See Wayne Bruce (Millionaire)”:

So, naturally, I flipped to “Wayne Bruce (Millionaire).” THEN it tells you to “Please consult Crime Fighters in the Yellow Pages”:

Of course, I couldn’t resist:

Nicely played, Mr. West, nicely played.

I just checked, I guess about a year ago, a redditor discovered the same thing!

Alternatively, you can look up “Batman”:

photos by Rusty Blazenhoff