This arrogant squirrel totally got taken down a peg

This is great. Archie McPhee recently released a new product called the Horse Head Squirrel Feeder, which is a squirrel feeder that looks like a little version of their horse head mask. They amusingly said it would take “arrogant squirrels down a peg.”

As luck would have it, photographer Jim Zielinski captured the moment just as one “arrogant” little critter got his due.

He explains:

Horse mask squirrel feeder = FUN!

Yep just what it sounds like. We’ve been feeding a few generations of squirrels in the yard and when I saw this I couldn’t resist. Fill the inside with peanuts and hilarity ensues.

Even George Takei got a good laugh out of the photo:

Congrats to my brilliant friends at Archie McPhee!

BUY a Horse Head Squirrel Feeder for the jerky squirrels in your yard HERE. Tell your friends about it HERE.

UPDATE: Now there’s a VIDEO!