This alien abduction lamp reminds us why we should sleep with one eye open


Alien abductions are always a theme I can get behind, especially when it involves farm animals.

A few years ago, designer Lasse Klien of Oslo, Norway thought so too. He created a 3D drawing of this cool Alien Abduction Lamp and then, due to popular demand, made it into reality.

Since this originally came out in 2007 or so, there’s not many left to purchase (though it sounds like he’d make more if nudged enough). If you do want one of the last lamps in existence now, head on over to The Funky Company.

One ready-to-be-abducted cow is included in the purchase.

p.s. If you live anywhere near Lathrop, Calif. and love alien-related things, you gotta check out this convenient store.

via The Kitsch Bitsch Festooned Retro Kittens