There’s a lot to love about ‘The Weekend’ by Dave Rawlings Machine

There’s a lot to love about the newly-released music video for “The Weekend” by Dave Rawlings Machine.

First of all, the video features Dave Rawlings and Gillian Welch (naturally), who are on a cross-country weekend road trip…


…in their ’65 Chevy Impala, the white vintage beauty they took on their first national tour. Gotta love that.

Gillian is growing her fantastic grey mane out, a la Patti Smith. <3! DRM

The hitchhiker in gingham, the truck stop diner, the guitar work starting around the 2:47 mark, the sunsets, the impromptu concert at the mechanics, the journey, the destination, Dave and Gil in MATCHY-MATCHY Nudie suits…it’s all so rich and beautiful and perfect.


Oh ya, the song. You’re gonna love the song. But, if you’re a fan of theirs, you already knew that.

Reid Long directed this gorgeous video, give it a watch:

“The Weekend” is the opening track for the new album, Nashville Obsolete. It’s available now.

And, they are on tour.


The road trip was real, as was the breakdown!

The video was shot on a breakneck road trip from Nashville to California. “It was the craziest idea” says Rawlings,”to document a weekend trip from Music City to the beach and back”. The opening scene shows Rawlngs and Welch packing up the ’65 Chevy Impala they first toured in. West-coast bound, outfitted in Nudie Suits and armed with guitars and a beach blanket, the story unfolds over the course of ‘The Weekend’. The trip is real, the breakdown is real, the mechanic is real, unplanned, but evidence that Dave Rawlings Machine will go wherever the road leads them.