The quirky world of egg cups, cosies, and toast soldiers


Check out this playful crocheted shark egg cosy. Chomp! Its pattern is available from SpringFresh.

It doesn’t have to be springtime to prop your soft boiled eggs up on a decorative egg cup. While not widespread in the United States, egg cups are quite popular elsewhere, especially in European countries. There are thousands and thousands of designs –from lowbrow to hifalutin— and many people collect (and use) them. To further the fun and to keep their breakfast treats warm, many folks also dress their eggs up in fanciful cosies, many of which are handcrafted. When serving these dolled up eggs, it’s tradition to make toast soldiers. These “soldiers” are strips of toast which are made to dip into the adorned egg’s runny yolk.

To get a feel for the many ways people coddle their eggs (see what I did there?), I’ve chosen to feature a few of these breakfast “eggscessories” that I thought were particularly charming:


This sweet set of ceramic bluebird egg cups are from the 1950s.


“Declare war on breakfast!” is the tagline for the military-focused Egg-Splode egg cup and soldier-shaped toast cutter.

rabbit ear egg warmers

These cute crocheted bunny rabbit ear egg warmers by Lemon Cucullu are sure to win over kids of all ages.

Egg Bandit

I smell a rotten egg! The Egg Bandit is the masked outlaw of egg warmers.

Rooster Pig

Barnyard critters, esp. chickens, are a common theme for egg cosies (the rooster one reminds me of my logo!). The vintage knitting pattern is available from EstherKateVintage.


The Arthur Egg Cup Holder is your “egg in shining armour” and comes with its own tasting spoon.


These sweet blushing ladies with burlap bonnets only look vintage. They are a modern, handpainted set by Samantha Stas.

VW van

I think these VW campervan egg cosies are brilliant! The knitting pattern is available from SnuginaDub (who sells lots of other cool VW-themed knitting patterns).


These little hats are like the “Mike Nesmith” of egg cosies. The pattern to knit them up is available from Natalya’s Studio.


Then there is the Eglu Egg Cup Breakfast Set, a delightful way to hold your toast, salt, pepper, and egg. Its design is based on the Eglu chicken coop.

Breakfast just got better, amirite?