SpinXSW, an interactive light sculpture that gets people dancing


Lumieria, a design studio that fuses art and technology, is premiering its latest project, SpinXSW at South by Southwest this week.

SpinXSW fuses elements of gaming, dance, electronics, light, and sound. Part lighting installation, and part HTML5 mobile web application, SpinXSW leverages the power of smartphones as an input medium to allow multiple participants to simultaneously control lights and sounds through the motion of their own bodies.



SpinXSW features LED light strips controlled by a Heroic Robotics pixelpusher light driver.


SpinXSW designers Dave Loomis, Michael Rienstra, and Eric Burns-Johansson.

SpinXSW will make its public debut at Emo’s on Monday, March 10, 2014 as part of the first concert in the Global Citizen Nights project. It will be in the parking lot and is free to the public.

images 1, 2 via Lumieria, photos 3, 4 by Epiphany Jordan