Slomo, a short documentary about a depressed doctor who ditches his career to rollerblade

Plan to spend the next 16 minutes watching Slomo, a fantastic, inspirational short documentary by San Francisco-based filmmaker Josh Izenberg. It follows the story of John Kitchin, a depressed doctor who ditched his lucrative medical career (and the extravagant lifestyle it afforded him) to spend his days at San Diego’s Pacific Beach rollerblading as “Slomo.”

Great stuff, right? Be sure to read Josh’s Op-Doc piece about the film at The New York Times as well.

Here’s an excerpt:

Disillusioned with a life that had become increasingly materialistic, he had abruptly abandoned his career as a neurologist and moved to a studio by the beach. The locals called him Slomo, knowing little about his past life, but cheering and high-fiving him as he skated by in slow motion.

Thanks to my fabulous friend Tex Allen of WhyTheNose for pointing me to this!

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video via The New York Times