‘Shitty Rigs’ is like ‘There I Fixed It’ for Hollywood

You’ve probably seen There I Fixed It (aka ThereIFixedIt), the blog devoted to clever, funny, and awful fixes (mostly done with tape).  Shitty Rigs is similar, but features rented $40,000 cameras and much better tape.

The authors, Bert Mayer and Mike Farino, write:

If you have worked on a film set, you know. Grip and electric is all about doing everything you have to with all the gear you don’t have. Here’s to all the horrible things we have done with our great gear to get the shot we need.

Entries range from the purely practical:


photo by Shitty Rigs

to the surreal:
A hotdog taped to toilet paper on a record player.

photo by Chris

A camera dolly made from a stool taped to rolling luggage.

photo by shirazksaiba

via reddit, PetaPixel