Roller derby family trips over diagnosis


My name is Carla, I am friends with Rusty, the founder of this site and she said I could put a spotlight on a cause that is important to me. I’m a San Franciscan to the core, but one of the hardest things about living here is that I’m very far away from my East Coast friends when they need the most support. I’m posting about the campaign to raise funds for Mandy Bailey because she’s the rare soul who’ll make a perfect mixtape, a pile of bacon brownies, or a root beer burping contest bring cheer to whoever needs cheering.

Mandy Bailey is about as kick-ass as they come. She’s been a baker, swing dancer, rollergirl (Booty Crocker), and an entrepreneur, having founded Bacon and Bakin’ catering. She worked in non-profits focused on food security, making sure people had enough to eat. Her husband, Trueman, a Purple Heart-awarded veteran, worked to ensure vets had access to mental health services. That is, until Mandy was diagnosed with MS and Trueman was laid off from his job last month.

It all hit the fan for these people at once, and they fell behind on their monthly bills when they lost both incomes. It is not uncommon that a medical diagnosis can spell financial disaster, and they’re teetering on the brink.

I’ve set up a fundraiser for them.

Your support would go towards getting them current with their monthly bills, making their house accessible, (including things like adding rails to their bed and bars in their bathroom), fixing their ailing car, and re-enrolling their son, Owen, in his after-school activity, Karate.

Mandy can’t dance anymore or skate. It’s unclear if she’ll be able to work again. Their money woes are like salt in a wound. This fun-loving family, who have dedicated their lives to bringing dignity and accessibility to those in need, are now the needful ones. A quick infusion of cash will help them avert financial crisis.

Please donate and show them that great things can happen to good people.

Thank you!!

rainbow socked feet and walker

Mandy rocking her walker in rainbow socks