Real men eat creamy stuff, at least in Bulgaria

Danone for Men

In 2013, Bulgarian yogurt producer Danone launched a line of dairy products targeted at the feminine-impaired. This handy man-snack is simply named Danone for Men. Sleek black labels that drip with masculine parsimony seductively whisper at the modern hunter, “This yogurt is so strong that only a manly-man, who stabs food with a fork, can conquer the war on indigestion.”

A press release on FoodBev states:

Danone for Men was created as a result of a number of studies conducted by the company. According to them, men prefer to consume dairy products with high fat, thick, with natural ingredients and with distinctive taste. To meet these expectations, the company created a thick yogurt with 5% fat that can even be consumed with a fork.

Thanks, Cindy Gallop!