Pure ecstasy: ‘MDMA the Movie,’ an upcoming documentary by DanceSafe’s founder

MDMA the movie

Welp, it’s happening. MDMA, counterculture’s poster child for feeling good, is worming its way into mainstream acceptance as it’s now being used more and more as a serious therapeutic drug for healing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) victims. At the forefront of this movement for widespread acceptance is Emanuel Sferios, founder of the nonprofit harm reduction organization called DanceSafe. He is currently producing and directing MDMA the Movie, a full-length feature documentary film by Viveka Films that delves into the history of the “hug drug,” its use in a medical setting for people of all walks of life, and how deaths from its recreational use can be prevented. It features interviews with U.S. war veterans who have participated in FDA-backed studies of MDMA, the (late) “godfather of psychedelics” Alexander “Sasha” Shulgin and his wife Ann, neuropsychopharmacology professor David Nutt, parents who have lost children from impure doses of ecstasy, and recreational users who swear by its empathetic effects.

If the movie’s first trailer and its crowdfunding campaign are any indication, this is going to be a fantastic, groundbreaking film.

MDMA the Movie is expected to be making the film festival circuit in the summer of 2016, pending that it hits its target goal on Indiegogo this year. Throw’em a few bucks to make it happen.