Pee-wee Herman lookalikes play a big role in Katy Perry’s video

There’s a lot to love in Katy Perry’s poptastic “This Is How We Do” video.

Let me count just some of the ways:

–Hello, pepperoni pizza bathing suit!
–Papercraft tacos!
–Mondrian-inspired latex getups!
–A twerking ice cream cone!
–Flying koi!

Oh yeah, and male dancers dressed up like eighties icon Pee-wee Herman in the similarly fashioned slightly-too-small grey suit that he made famous. Here, I made you some animated GIFs:

Pee-wee Herman's giving manicures

Pee-wee car

Pee-wee Herman dancers

Pee-wee dancing

The video was directed by the very talented Joel Kefali, a New Zealander who was also behind the music videos for Lorde’s “Royals” and “Tennis Court.”

animated gifs by Rusty Blazenhoff