Oh, Charles Phoenix: The Tequila-soaked Peep-stuffed Broken-bunny Cake

Easter Tequila Cake

For Easter, mid-century madman Charles Phoenix has concocted the “Tequila-Soaked Peep-Stuffed Broken-Bunny Cake” in his world-famous Test Kitchen. It’s a nauseating technicolor blend of tequila, chocolate, cake, jelly beans and PEEPS!

This Easter party agitator is a 4-layer, pastel-colored, rainbow cake sprinkled with tequila, filled with Peeps and smashed bits of chocolate Easter bunny. Then, it’s frosted and filled with chocolate fudge frosting, inside and out, and finished with foil wrapped chocolate eggs, malted milk ball eggs, jelly beans and skewered Peeps!

Hold onto your Easter bonnet and watch this:

Sad face

His face = my thoughts exactly!

Charles’ live shows are a total hoot! And, lucky for you, he’s on TOUR!

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