No piñatas were harmed in the making of this rug

Pinata Rug 2

Piñata artist and fellow redhead Meaghan Kennedy is visiting the San Francisco Bay Area this week, so I’ve totally got piñata on the brain.

Yesterday, I took her over to Oakland to visit some Mexican piñata shops, which are filled with LOTS of CANDY and TOYS to fill your soon-to-be smashed party vessel.


This is ALL #pinata candy!

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Then, today, I was sitting here and what popped up in my feed, but a Piñata Skin Rug!!

It’s made out of colorful looped pieces of felt, not paper.

Pinata rug 3

While it could probably stand up to being stepped on occasionally, this rug is an art piece that is not designed to stand up to regular foot traffic. It can easily be hung on a wall…

It’s pretty amazing, right? Each one is custom made and available from the SomeRabbits Etsy shop for $225. Get one for me too, ok?

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