Minor Thread, punk rock fan wore a different band tee each day for 1K days

1K tees

This is what 1,000 band t-shirts looks like. (larger view)

This is blogger Isac Walter of L.A.’s Echo Park and he’s standing in middle of the 1,000 t-shirts, mostly from rock bands, that he’s worn over the past few years.

Isac Walter and his tees

Starting in July 2011, he challenged himself to wear a different band tee each day for 500 days. He accomplished that, kept on going, and then on April 7th, 2014, he hit a new record: 1,000 different shirts, never wearing the same one twice. He calls himself a “Band T-Shirt Archivist” and his blog is called Minor Thread (a nod to early hardcore punk band, Minor Threat), and on it, you can see all 1,000 (actually 1,002) shirts.

In October 2013, he was interviewed by t-shirt company Alternative Apparel where he likened rock tees to an early form of social media,

“T-shirts are like an analog version of social media and social networking. It’s amazing how I can wear a certain t-shirt out and immediately connect with people I’ve never met before. A band shirt alone can initiate new conversations and new friendships.”

Here’s a video he made that shows the first year’s worth of t-shirts:

Also, if you’ve got any of these tees in size Large, he’s looking for them. He’s got some for sale too.

via Junkculture, photos by Jeremy Weiss