Man Hands, ‘massive manly mitts’ for wearing on your puny paws

Man Hands

There are not enough words to express how much I dig these oversized latex Man Hands by Archie McPhee.

Your tiny paws can’t handle it, you need Man Hands
Tired of people talking about how tiny and delicate your hands are? You need Man Hands! Most of the time, people don’t use the term “man hands” as a compliment, but massive manly mitts do have their uses. Put on this set of two 14″ long latex hands and the whole world will snap to attention. These are great for hailing a cab, high fives, directing traffic or getting noticed when volunteering for something. Manicurists find them hilarious! Fits most adult hands.

Naturally, they bring back fond Seinfeld memories:

video via UberEyeNow