L.A. or bust: Highlights of our EPIC spring break #roadtrip

Take the Scenic Route

Woot!! Spring break!! SJ and I just got back from an EPIC road trip to Los Angeles. We were honored to guest tweet on the @RoadTrip Twitter account, thanks to our friend Greeter Dan who runs it.**

I tried my very best to highlight our @RoadTrip Tweets with the hashtag #REDrt15. (I remembered most of the time.)

OK! On to the trip’s highlights!

First, we packed the essentials:

Then, we were on our way!

First stop, Pea Soup Andersen’s (PSA) in Santa Nella, California. We ran into friends there: Jennye and her daughter, and Hernan and his boys!

Pea-wee met Pee-wee at the PSA “head in a hole”:

Protip: get the “Traveler’s Special” at PSA. It’s all-you-can-eat pea soup, their specialty!

We got back on the road and about six hours later, we arrived in Los Angeles and met up with my dear friend from college, Susan. She had this photo from 1991 (of me, her, and our friend Kristy) on her bookshelf!

Over the course of the next few days, we traveled to a whole BUNCH of cool places in the greater Los Angeles area…


the Brady Bunch house!

And Pee-wee Herman’s house from Pee-wee’s Big Adventure!

For reference:

Here’s what I wrote on Facebook about that Pee-wee doll SJ is holding:

SJ and I traveled to Pasadena, CA today to visit Pee-wee Herman’s house from his first movie, Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. We took along a Pee-wee Herman doll. However, it’s not my doll from childhood. It’s on loan from trumpeter Paul Armstrong of The Mavericks. He takes this doll on tour ALL OVER THE WORLD and places it on stage during the show.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to their show and we traded his doll for a bottle of Fluff, so we could take Pee-wee on our #REDrt15 Road Trip!! If you go see one of their shows in the next few weeks, there just might be a bottle of Fluff onstage!!

After that, we went to San Gabriel Mission:

We were feeling thirsty for Americana, so we stopped at Galco’s Soda Pop Stop! SJ made a bottle of her own soda at their creation station, FLUFFERNUTTER flavored!! (You gotta check this place out if you are in the area.)

Then we went to Francis Buxton’s mansion to look for Pee-wee’s missing bicycle:

Then…La Brea Tar Pits where we narrowly escaped!!

On Sunday, we met our friend Mark Blackwell at Tom Bergin’s Public House for brunch:

Delicious food AND conversation!

SOOOOO, the BIGGEST highlight of our trip was hanging out on the Pee-wee’s Big Holiday FILM SET!!! I’m not kidding!! LOOK!!

Our lips are sealed about what we saw there but I’m sure it’s ok to tell you it was TOTALLY AWESOME!! SJ is still talking about the BIGRIG of FREE SNACKS!! 😀

My kid is going to have one helluva bucket list when she grows up.


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In memoriam: I found out on the trip that a dear friend/mentor had passed away. This road trip is dedicated to Jan Long who shared many things with me over the years, including her love of travel, kitsch, and photography. I will miss you very much. I really thought we had more time together.

Special thanks to: Greeter Dan, Susan, Allison B., Paul R., Mark B., Brenda R., John N., and everyone who made our trip so great!

Special SPECIAL thanks to: SJ, the best traveling companion a Mom could hope for!!

photos by Rusty Blazenhoff