Immortalized as a creepy ventriloquist dummy named ‘Rusty’

Yep, just when I thought life couldn’t get any weirder or more wonderful, the awesome folks at Archie McPhee have immortalized me as a creepy ventriloquist dummy. It started last year when my likeness (as a super creeptastic ventriloquist doll, naturally) was included in their Creepy Wrapping Paper book, and then again when their High Priestess of Rubber Chickens, Shana Iverson, dressed like the “Rusty” dummy for Halloween.

It’s 2014, and I’m here to report that I’ve been officially captured as a ventriloquist dummy FINGER PUPPET, with my name and everything on the package (Shana is there too, Hi Shana!):


Ta da! Here I am in my pink-eyed, exaggerated eyebrow, mechanical jaw glory!

Here is the description of the set (the bold is my doing):

Their mouths never move when you talk!
These are probably the creepiest finger puppets ever made! You get a set of four soft vinyl figures that look like old-fashioned ventriloquist dummies that are 2-1/2″ tall. While the jaws on these finger puppets don’t move, the vinyl is just jiggly enough to make you think they’re moving when you see them out of the corner of your eye. You can use these in your vaudeville act, set them up so they can watch you sleep or just imagine them coming to life and stabbing you with tiny knives. The possibilities are endless!

You can buy the whole set here.

But, get this, I’m not the first dummy named “Rusty” out there, look!

Bad Retro Album Cover Gary Hunter & Rusty

Gary Hunter and “Rusty”–from their self-titled album


“Phil Wishner and his dummy Rusty know how to make people smile.”


“Look who’s talking: Rusty and “handler” Bob Abdou”


“I’m afraid we’re going to have to postpone our fishing trip, Rusty…”

And, lastly, my favorite:

Jimmie Ruth and Rusty

A colorful Christian ventriloquism record, starring a dummy named “Rusty”

Perhaps I am the first female “Rusty” dummy? I would certainly like to think so!

Special thanks to my pals at Archie McPhee! I am honored. The road to becoming a creepy ventriloquist dummy was a long, non-linear one. 🙂

Again, you can get yours here.

image 3 via Hung Up on Retro, photo 5 by Jewish Home for Assisted Living, photo 6 by Austin Chronicle, image 7 via Joshua Fruhlinger, image 8 via Way Out Junk