Glowing headphones that look like cat ears, by Axent Wear

Axent Wear cat ear headphones

Now THIS is the kind of wearable technology that I can get behind: headphones that look like glowing cat ears.

UC Berkeley alumni Wenqing Yan and Victoria Hu of Axent Wear wanted to make the Universe a happier place, so they invented LED-lit cat-eared headphones.

Here’s their story:

Wenqing was inspired to design these cat ear headphones while working on a whimsical and quirky animation. Music plays a huge part in everyone’s life and it would be great to share that music with your friends and family in a unique and creative way. With that in mind, Wenqing and Victoria set out to create the perfect headphones that would fulfill both functionality and style.

If you look, the “cat ears” are actually LED external speakers, which can be turned on to share your music with friends or, of course, off to not annoy them.

Axent Wear cat ear headphones

They’ve worked hard to bring this product to market and now you can preorder a pair (several colors are available) starting at $150 at their Indiegogo campaign.

Axent Wear cat ear headphones

Thanks, Devon McGuire!