Friday Food Pr0n: Cheeseburger ‘Pop-Tarts’

Cheeseburger Pop-Tart

Self-proclaimed “Burger Pervert” Mathew Ramsey of Washington, D.C. has made a culinary creation so naughty, so dangerous, it could only be posted on a site called PornBurger. Behold: the “I Can Haz Pop Tart“!

Ramsey describes his artery-crunching meld as a “meme-nto” of his childhood. Inside of each of the buttery, sesame seed-covered Pop-Tart-like pastries is a grass-fed beef patty, bacon onion jam, and melted cheddar cheese.

What’s missing? Its recipe! You’re on your own to figure out how to make this.

via Foodiggity