For the anatomy dissector who has almost everything


My name is Justin and I own Electronic Ranch, a business based on buying and selling weird stuff. When I was growing up, I wanted to be Fred G. Sanford of the television show Sanford and Sons; hanging out with friends, making money off junk. I also wanted to be a whole lot of other things, but I have ended up as a “junk” man.   I just happen to have a lot of skill sets that make this accidental career happen such as: the ability to negotiate without being a dick, the ability to understand tools and technical equipment quickly, an intuition about people and objects, and I show up on time.

A part of the fun of basically being a full time shopper is I find a lot of weird items.  I have a knack for finding the most bizarre object at an estate sale, and some of the things are valuable, but really the fun is in finding out what these items are and sharing that information.  I also like going to events dressed up in strange and unusual costumes, which is accentuated by the fact I am 6’9″ tall and weigh in at 400 lbs.  I am sewing a lot of my own stuff now because I can’t buy much off the shelf for my large frame.

What I have to share today is going to be a great gift for anyone that needs to dispose of carcasses in a highly efficient manner (kidding!). I bought a large lot of surgical instruments and in the box just happened to be a Miltex Post Mortem hammer. This is not any ordinary hammer, other than it is made of stainless steel and costs $179.00 new, no, this hammer is that special tool that makes any dissection of large objects that much easier.  


Should you need a gift for a “special someone,” you can bid on this hammer at my Ebay page.