For sale: Towels that look like sushi rolls


Earlier this year, I posted about some kitchen towels rolled up to look like sushi. They were very cool but not for sale, only a concept.

Good news! JapanTrendShop has made the Norimaki Sushi Roll Towel Gift Set, which is for sale! To note, these look a lot smaller than the ones I featured before.


The three towels in the Norimaki Sushi Roll Towel Gift Set come in a dry bamboo leaf-style wrapping traditionally used for serving sushi. At first glance, the three “sushi towels” look like norimaki (sushi roll with seaweed), complete with the colorful filling for natto-maki, kappa-maki and tekka-maki rolls. But despite the “bento” lunchbox packaging, these are actually three small towels that would make a great present for someone with a culinary bent.

via Foodiggity