For Sale: Burt Reynolds’ Rolodex (and other personal things of his)

Burt reynolds rolodex

If you have ever wanted to be penpals with Goldie Hawn, buying Burt Reynolds’ beat-up ol’ Rolodex might be your best chance at snagging her snail mail address. Sure, there’s a chance she’s moved since the early 1980s when they last starred in a movie together but YOU NEVER KNOW. In any case, there is bound to be a treasure trove of fascinating information to be found in this thing (never mind the bragging rights of owning a piece of history like this).

Burt Reynolds’ Rolodex from his home office. Entries are typed or handwritten onto note cards and include the contact information for many of Reynolds’ celebrity friends, restaurants, and business contacts.


Whoopi Goldberg

(Divorced in 1988)

Merv Griffin

(Died in 2007)

via Vice

You can bid on this and many other items from the “Property From The Life and Career of Burt Reynolds” auction at Julien’s Live until December 11th, 2014.

Like, THIS:


…which was a personal gift from Dolly Parton. Bidding starts at $250.


Burt Reynold's director's chair

I know that’s supposed to be a “B.R.” branded in the leather, but let’s just imagine that it’s a “R.B.” for a moment. Now, my initials are “R.B.” AND Christmas is right around the corner. I’m JUST SAYIN’! Bidding starts at $100.


Burt Reynolds boots

Christmas is around the corner!

THIS is the “stagecoach”…


that Burt and Loni Anderson used in their wedding. The interior was designed by Dolly Parton, because OF COURSE IT WAS. It is built on an International Harvester Scout frame with a 345 V8 engine and four-wheel drive and sat up to 10 of Burt and Loni’s closest friends. Bidding starts at $5K.

There is also THIS:

beware of Burt

But, promise me you won’t buy that.