Candles scented like burritos, exhaust, B.O., and No. 2 pencils

Screenshot 2015-02-08 02.07.03
Part of being a blogger of the weird means that I hear about A LOT OF WEIRD THINGS. Here’s some weird things that actually made me laugh out loud. Get this, our society is so evolved that we now humor ourselves with candles scented like burritos, exhaust, body odor, and No. 2 pencils. We have the technology to do this. Let me make this clear, I haven’t huffed a single one of these putrid candles and, yet, I love every one of them. The beautiful absurdity of their existence is just that, beautiful. Thank you aptly-named Stinky Candle Company for making me laugh. I will certainly be buying some of these in the future.

Probably this gasoline one:

Gasoline candle

And this money one, because who doesn’t love to smell money burn?


And this firecracker one, because, come on, that really does smell good, a guilty pleasure scent if you will.