Bye, bye clove cigarettes: Now there’s cannabis smokes in fancy tins


All the cool kids I knew in high school smoked clove cigarettes. But, that was a long, long time ago and now there’s a new cigarette on the scene: a weed-filled brand called Cranfords Cannabis Cigarettes.

However, do not confuse these as mere joints, people, these are high THC, machine-rolled, filtered marijuana cigarettes. The company behind them says they are “slow cured to ensure a smooth draw with every smoke.”

Product results will vary however, you can expect to experience an immediate, deep relaxation without losing your ability to think lucidly.

You may develop an increased desire to engage in an artistic pastime or sit back and enjoy a conversation with friends.

For first time smokers, we recommend that you are in an enjoyable setting and have a healthy snack and some of your favorite music standing by.

Cranfords cigarettes

These little beauties claim to be the first of its kind in the United States, but they are currently only available in medical dispensaries in (of course) Colorado.

There’s 10 smokes in each retro tin, so stop bogarting them.