Burrito vending machine spotted in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, redditor andrewgoldstein4 spotted a Burritobox, a big orange vending machine (sorry, “kiosk”) that promises to deliver “hot & delicious burritos…in 60 seconds along with sides.” As shown in an Instagram video by LunchAmps, you can order burritos in a variety of flavors from the machine’s large touchscreen (an experience similar to renting videos through Redbox). The actual burritos are the product of the natural frozen food brand, evol, and are offered along with hot sauce, sour cream, and guacamole.

The first Burritobox is located in West Hollywood inside the new Mobil station at 8380 Santa Monica Boulevard, and another location will open later this month in Century City.

The future is here!


image 1 via andrewgoldstein4, image 2 via RoseAnn Linder, video by LunchAmps

via SFWeekly