Barfing Turkey Gravy Boat


Last year, my friend at Cardhouse alerted me to a “barfing” squirrel gravy boat. I wrote about it and that post inspired a glassmaking artist named GingerELA to create a “Puking Kitty Gravy Boat”. It even inspired the folks at Archie McPhee to create a Titanic Gravy Boat!

I am excited to share with you that my brother Andy gifted me a barfing TURKEY gravy boat which my friends and I made great use of this Thanksgiving. He got it last year in a clearance sale at a Dillard’s in Arizona. Click here to get one of your own from Amazon.

Here’s a video of my friend Diana using the gravy boat for the very first time:

I could watch that video 100 times over! Best thing ever!

Thanks Andy!

video by Rusty Blazenhoff, photo by Terry Ewing