Artist transforms corrective medical helmets for babies into cool works of art

Before and After

Some babies are born with Flat Head Syndrome (plagiocephaly), a condition that may require their skull to be remodeled into shape with a helmet or headband (cranial orthosis). Unfortunately, these devices are usually plain white and often make people feel uncomfortable being around the children who wear them. That is, until an artist in Kennewick, Washington thought of a cool way to change them.

For the past 13+ years, Paula Strawn of Lazardo Art has been transforming these plain corrective helmets into works of art. She painted her first helmet as a favor for her friend, Kathy, when her granddaughter was first fitted for one. She told Huffington Post in an email, “Kathy said ‘please paint this ugly thing!’ and I did.”

She writes:

i believe in this: i believe a fun and friendly design is an attitude changer for parents, family, friends and anyone who comes in contact with baby. instead of pitying or worried looks, you will have people saying “oh how cute!” and you can have a simple convo about it. i also have a BLAST painting them!

Here are some of her designs. Some are inspired by pop culture, others by fine art, and just about everything in between. I think you’ll agree that they are all quite cool:






Wild Things

You can SEE MORE of Paula’s wonderfully transformed helmets on her online portfolio.

via HuffPo, Fashionably Geek