Art, it’s all I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas is art.

Whether it be a screenprint by Andy Warhol (which is for sale on Amazon of all places!):

Scotch Broth

Campbell’s Soup (Scotch Broth) (II.55), 1969

Or a custom portrait by an up and coming artist:

SJ's portrait of me

Rusty Blazenhoff (aka “Mommy”) by SJ, 2013, NFS

There is truly nothing more meaningful and deeply inspiring to me than surrounding myself around art I love and the people who make it.

This week I traveled to Los Angeles to experience events that were part of a Krampus-themed art project co-headed by my friend, Al Ridenour. I’ve known Al for many years, primarily through Burning Man (the early years) and Cacophony Society events. I know him to be a great artist and the Krampus events did not disappoint (see the photos I took of the Krampuslauf). Not only were Al’s personal creations astoundingly beautiful but he inspired other artists to create beauty.

Last night at the CoproGallery in Santa Monica, I was on hand to help Al and his crew set up for their Krampus performance which taking place just outside of the gallery’s doors. The “crew”, a group of mostly L.A.-based creatives, readily welcomed me and allowed me full access to shoot the event (photos coming soon). It was there I met Spy Emerson for the first time. Spy is a Bay Area-based conceptual artist and mom. We started talking and we estimated that we’ve been traveling in the same circles for seven years. Seven years! And never met. Given my line of work and my close ties to the creative community, this was shocking to me, and her.

Spy (and isn’t Spy a great name?) said that LinkedIn has been bugging her a lot recently to connect with me which we both found amusing. It’s like LinkedIn was trying to say, “How could you not know each other already?! Jeez!” Even though it took seven years to happen, I am so grateful for the new connection. I am excited to feature her work.

While in Los Angeles, I also spent time with my talented friend (of about 3 years) Allee Willis who I can’t say enough awesome things about. She lives and breathes pop culture, and has for a long time. I believe her to be one of the most important multi-media artists in our lifetime and you’ll certainly start seeing more about her on Blazenfluff in the future. She’s working on an amazing project right now called “The D” which she says is “a record, video, and documentary about the human spirit as exemplified in the people of Detroit.” She says, “One person’s spirit can energize thousands. Music and creativity can transform a city. And the energy and success of a city can transform the world. Some hear nightmare stories about this town and may shake their heads in dismay. But time has shown that as Detroit goes, so goes the nation. Detroit is bubbling from the bottom up and ‘The D’ celebrates the spirit that fuels the population as they pull together to build a bright future.”

“The D” is Allee’s passion project and, if you have the means, I highly suggest donating money to making something very cool happen (click here to make a donation).

As I said, all I want (for Christmas) is art. Blazenfluff is *my* passion project. I wake up every single day excited to jump in and put a spotlight on the special things I see in the world. Thank you for supporting the arts. Thank you for supporting my passion and the passion of others by being a reader. If you’d like to donate money to keep this site going, so I can continue doing this work, I would very much appreciate it.

Here is where you can donate money to this site:

Thank you in advance,

Rusty Blazenhoff

“Art is what you can get away with.” –Andy Warhol


image 1 via Revolver Gallery of Beverly Hills, photo by Rusty Blazenhoff