An epic 3D Ralph Wiggum cutout cake that looks like a drawing

Ralph Wiggum cake

Ralph Wiggum of The Simpsons has never looked so delicious.

Designer Kylie Mangles of Freshly Squeez’d recently challenged herself to pick a cake design that would make her try some new things. She says, “Well Ralph sure delivered on that. I have never made a cake with so many different colours of fondant or floating ribs before.”

Her cake uses layers after layer of fondant to make it look like its animated cartoon counterpart. It is so well crafted that it actually looks like a digital drawing at first glance. The cake of Chief Wiggum’s son is based on a Threadless design called “Cutout Ralph” by Erick Flores of Mexico City.

My roommate and I gave Ralph some love before we cut into him and mowed down. He was pretty dang delicious. He took way longer then I planned, about 5 days, but it was fun and definitely let me exercise my cake and modelling skills.

Read more about her process at Threadcakes.

Ralph Wiggum cake 1

Ralph Wiggum cake 2

Ralph Wiggum cake kiss

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images via Threadcakes