Rusty’s Electric Dreams, an inbox zine

Rusty's Electric Dreams, an inbox zine by Rusty Blazenhoff

This is the page where you can sign up for Rusty’s Electric Dreams.

But first, before you sign up for it, here’s some factoids about the gal behind this thing.

Rusty Blazenhoff:

…is the founder of Blazenfluff.
…is Scarlett‘s Mom.
…is part of a rich and diverse community full of creatives, geeks, nerds, makers, and other interesting folks, and is quite often a voice for their amazing events and projects.
…started going to Burning Man in 1995, stopped in 1998, and went back once in 2008 to see how much it had changed (A LOT!).
…has worked with Burning Man in a variety of ways over the years.
…is the founder of Suckceeding, a site which shares stories from people who become successful after failure (ie. everyone, at some point.)
…is a proud Denter.
…went on a Silicon Valley field trip with Denters and wrote about her experience on GM’s FastLane blog.
…makes a mean Fluffernutter.
…has been blogging since the mid-1990s (a long time).
…has hung out with the legendary Willie Nelson and his amazing family on the current Honeysuckle Rose, his biofueled tour bus.
…has sat in Conan O’Brien’s set chair.
…has ridden in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.
…has TWO Archie McPhee products in her likeness.
…had a piñata custom made in her likeness as part of a campaign for Trolli candy.
…has strong ethics and has promoted MANY great projects, people, and products. She can probably help you. Drop her a line.
…has worked with Bigrig Industries, San Francisco Cacophony Society, Burning Man, Allee Willis, Laughing Squid, Archie McPhee, Pee-wee Herman, CNET, Adobe, and many other great people, organizations, and brands.
…dislikes writing in the third person and is uncomfortable bragging about past achievements. 🙂

I’m good people. Stick around.

Ok, like I was saying, it would be awesome if you would sign up to get my brand new inbox zine. It’s a WAY more personalized experience than my blog and I think you’ll dig it.