A screenshot of Boing Boing on The WELL from 1993


Check this out. Boing Boing​ is the real deal. Look at this screenshot by Gareth Branwyn​ from the WELL circa 1993!!

Gareth writes:

Boing Boing, circa mid-90s on The Well. This is a photo of a page from Sean Carton’s and my Internet Power Tool Kit, a 1100-page doorstopper of a tome.

In 1993, I had heard about The WELL where I was living on the East coast and, because I was already into computers, it compelled me to move to the SF Bay Area in early 1994. I knew I wanted to be part of this emerging online community and, shortly after arriving, I also fell into the SF Cacophony Society​, Burning Man​, and I started a (paper) zine with friends. I later took that zine and made it a “webzine.” Now I have an inbox zine.

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