A rug that looks like a giant ‘sunny side up’ egg

Egg Rugg

Here’s something that sure to brighten up the dullest of floors –a white and yellow rug that looks like a giant “sunny side up” egg! Made in the “spirit of surrealism,” the Egg Rugg is the creation of artist and K-12 teacher Carly Dellger of Mishicot, Wisconsin. She uses traditional techniques passed down to her by her family to craft each of her delightfully unusual rugs and because each one is hand-crocheted, designs will vary from piece to piece. We’re not-so-secretly hoping that her next breakfast-y rug design depicts a piece of toast!

Poached, scrambled, fried, or hard boiled, a perfectly cooked egg is the cornerstone of any balanced breakfast, late night snack, or the ever-so-special occasion—breakfast for dinner. Celebrate the versatile foodstuff and add a quirky crack of décor with this handmade rug.

The Egg Rugg is available to purchase online at Uncommon Goods.

via Incredible Things