420-friendly ‘Cannabis Cowboy’ Western shirts by Rockmount

Cannabis Cowboy Western shirt by RockmountCannabis Cowboy Western shirt by Rockmount

Colorado is fully embracing cannabis culture, as evidenced by these gabardine twill Cannabis Cowboy Western shirts created by Denver’s 3rd generation Western wear business, Rockmount Ranch Wear. Each one features embroidered green cannabis leaves, four on the front and two on the back yoke.

These aren’t some faddish fly-by-night items either. Rockmount president Steve Weil told The Cannabist, “…We’re not interested in short term trends. We develop classics that have a long life cycle. And from the initial response, this (Cannabis Cowboy shirt) has potential. Our beer shirt has been in production for many years, so that’s our goal — to create styles that have a long life, not just shirts that come in with the wind and go out with the wind.”

Whether you like it or not it’s here. Colorado is out on a limb on this one, but then California can’t be first in everything.

Ooh, sizzle.

They are available in black or white for $96.

via The Cannabist